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Sabbath Ideas

Sabbath is a special day to Seventh-Day Adventists.  We believe God hallowed the 7th day Sabbath at creation and we celebrate that fact every week.  Seventh-Day Adventists find a variety of ways to celebrate the Sabbath, often with extended family and friends out in nature.  This page is designed to give you some new and fresh ideas of ways to do just that... Celebrate our Creator God on His Holy day. 

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Rainy Day Ideas:
  • Call an old friend
  • Go visit someone in a nursing home, the hospital or just stuck at home.
  • Have a music fest!  Invite some friends over to praise the Lord with music...everyone brings an instrument or at least their voice!
  • Have a Bible study!  Check out the various links on the sidebar.

Watch 3ABN or other Christian television - you can even watch on-line!

Ideas especially for kids:

  • Make cards for the sick
  • Make Bible bookmarks
  • Read a Bible story
  • Play Bible charades
  • Play a Bible game
  • Watch a Bible video
  • Have a sword drill (see who can look up verses fastest in the Bible - God's sword)
  • Have a Bible treasure hunt
  • Check out the Pathlights, Jr. more ideas, coloring sheets, games to play, stories to read and lessons!
  • Another great new website is Visionary Magazine.  It's just for kids from the EGWhite Estate. 
  • Go to the beach! 

Lincoln City is just a short hour drive from Dallas.  Opportunities at the coast abound for tidepooling and beachcombing, or just relaxing.  It's often windy, so go fly a kite!  Tom Thumb is a short hike from Road's End at the north end of town.  What a fantastic view from the top!

Newport is just a little further with more opportunities as well.  Don't miss OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center.  Admission is Free, although donations are accepted.  Indoor tide pools and aquariums are available.

A few links about the coast:


Hatfield Marine Science Center

  • Explore a local wildlife refuge!

    Baskett Slough is just off of Hwy 22 north of Dallas.  A gravel road runs through this wildlife refuge which is fine for bike riding.  There are also walking trails for wildlife and bird viewing.  Ponds add to the adventure.  No dogs are allowed on the trails.

    E. E. Wilson is along Hwy 99 between Monmouth and Corvallis.  An interpretive trail winds around to a pond.  Plenty of wildlife is here as well.  Be careful during hunting season, though as it is allowed here.  Dogs on leashes are welcome.  There are also plenty of paved, non-motorized pathways for cycling. 

    Ankeny wildlife refuge is between Salem and Albany.  This refuge was created to give wintering habitat to the Dusky Canada Goose and now hosts a number of birds.

    Minto -Brown Island Park is in South Salem.  This park is along the Willamette River and boasts a number of walking and cycling trails, park benches, a covered picnic area and small play area as well.  Pets on leashes are welcome and there is also an off-leash dog exercise area.

  • Go for a hike!

    Mary's Peak is just out of Philomath, near Corvallis.  The road takes you almost to the top and a short hike will take you to the peak, the tallest in the Oregon Coast Range.  A great location for an evening walk and sunset worship.  Picnic benches are available at the parking area as are restrooms.

    OSU's McDonald Forest and Peavy Arboretum.  These are located just north of Corvallis.  Miles of trails are available through acres of forests.  Streams and ponds abound.  Dogs are allowed off-leash within voice command.  This is a great area for mountain biking as well.

Remember to keep checking back for more ideas and to send your ideas in!